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Classic Porsche Restoration Services

If you're looking for classic Porsche restoration services in Glasgow, look no further than Jaq's Bodyshop Ltd. Our team of expert technicians is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality restoration services to bring your classic Porsche back to life. With many years of expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee that your classic Porsche will look and run better than ever before.

Classic car after refurbishment with new paint

Classic Restoration

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Over 10 Years Experience

Bringing Your Porsche Back to Life

At Jaq's Bodyshop Ltd, we specialise in restoring classic Porsches. With years of experience, we handle everything from paintwork and body repairs to mechanical maintenance. Our team is passionate about preserving the authenticity and beauty of these iconic cars. If you're considering a restoration project for your classic Porsche, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer expert advice and a personalised service to meet your specific needs. Let us help bring your vintage Porsche back to life with our comprehensive restoration services.

Porsche Specialists

  • Paintwork restoration

  • Body repairs

  • Mechanical maintenance

  • Rust repair

  • Interior refurbishment

  • Electrical system repair

  • Suspension and steering restoration

  • Custom finishes and detailing

White classic car being delivered after refurbishment
Red classic car

Porsche Restoration Specialists

Jaq's Bodyshop Ltd offers high quality Porsche restoration services in Glasgow. Specialising in paintwork, body repairs, and mechanical maintenance, we're passionate about reviving classic Porsches to their former glory. Our experienced team pay close attention to every detail, ensuring quality work that meets our customers' expectations. If you're in Glasgow and own a classic Porsche in need of restoration, we're here to help. Contact us for expert advice and free estimations tailored to your car's needs.

"Can't rate Jaq's highly enough . Incredibly knowledgeable about bodywork / paintwork / panelwork on both moderns and classics . Highly regarded in the wider area as one of the best however the prices are very realistic"

Restore Your Porsche Today!

Contact Jaq's Bodyshop Ltd now for expert restoration services tailored to your classic Porsche's needs.

Inside class car after refurbishment
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